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6 Responses to Chat

  • Will I get locked up for my case that I’m facing in court aggrivated animal cruelty

  • Today my bf receive a call from his coworker asking where he was and all that. I want to know if that girl that called him, are him and that girl that I don’t know talking as friends or cheating on me with her while I’m working and both of them works together.

    • Asley – thank you for your questions – I am live now – please connect with me using Psychic Instant Messaging and I can give you insights into your situation and how to move forward to happier position. All communications are confidential -connect now using Psychic Instant Messaging for live Psychic answers

  • Years ago, I had a series of dreams about my life and some of the problems I were going to face. A couple of years ago, every dream are become true expect one of me having a child. I keep having dreams of having a child, in one dream God appears to me to tell me I am going to have a son named Cheyenne of 116.What does all this mean?

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