How It Works

How It Works – Psychic Instant Messaging

Choose Your Psychic

Our Psychics are highly perceptive and indeed wise. Most of all – they are very friendly!

Psychic Ivan -'The-Irresistible' Psychic Reader

Psychic Tanya -'Love' Psychic Reader

Psychic Olga - 'The-Oracle'

Psychic Tarras - 'Relationships' Psychic

What Can You Expect?

Your whole experience, connecting to any one of our Psychic’s, will be exactly as you would expect. You will find your experience is –

  • private
  • enlightening
  • revealing

The Service Is Easy To Use

Ever sent a text to a friend? You can use this service! New to this service? See the easy set up guide below.

Ever sent a text to a friend? You can use this service!

Your Question?

What’s your first question? Instant Message (IM) your chosen Psychic right this minute.

How Do You Choose Your Psychic?

Choose your Psychic from those currently available.

Not sure who to pick?

Have a quick look at their Psychic biography page.

How To Claim Your FREE Three Message Reading

A Psychic Instant Message reading is quick and easy to set up.

If you register today, you will be given 3 FREE replies from one of our gifted psychics.

3 Free Credits – Ask 3 Free Questions

3 free psychic answers - click to claim

On signup you will be automatically be allocated 3 FREE CREDITS.

The means 3 Free Psychic answers.

After Your Free Trial – Top Up

Send As Many Messages As You Wish

Easy Set Up Guide

Below is our easy to use guide on how to register.

1. Go to the chat page

2 Click on your chosen Psychic reader

3 You will arrive at page asking you to log in or create a new account – 30 seconds to complete

3. Log in and choose your Psychic Reader

4. After your initial 3 free credits you will asked to buy credits – rates are clearly shown on the prices page

5 After credits are purchased you can immediately ask you first question. No waiting.

6. Type your message then click ‘Send’

7 You can easily top up your credits using Paypal or Credit Card.

8 You remain in control at all times. Balance of credits available are clearly shown.

Remember – Ask your questions and let the connection with your Psychic flow.

To End a Session

To end a session simply click ‘End Session’ in your chat screen. Chat is then finished.

You remain in full control at all times.

Your Next Step?

Make your connection with your chosen Psychic right now!


‘To get your answer – you must first ask your question’!


3 free psychic answers - click to claim

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